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December 2014

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Check Out My New FiLIP 2: It’s A Phone You Wear On Your Wrist

December 21, 2014



We just got the FiLIP 2 — it’s a phone that you wear like a watch. Your parents can store 5 phone numbers that you can call anytime you want. Your parents can also send you text messages throughout the day in case they just want to send you a little note. I LOVE IT. It comes in a few different colors. We got red.

It makes it really easy to call my mom when I am away from home. All I have to do is press a button and we can connect!


Outfit Of The Day: Matilda Jane

December 21, 2014

Matilda Jane

I LOVE Matilda Jane! They sent me some clothes to try out and I just love the color and style. This jacket is my new favorite. Love the collar and buttons.

Matilda Jane


And this shirt is perfect for a day out with friends. To keep it simple, I wore black leggings and my knee high boots.

Want to check out the clothes I wore:

* company sent sample for review


Our Gingerbread Museum

December 15, 2014



We didn’t make a gingerbread house this year. Instead, we made a gingerbread museum!! It’s from Night at the Museum – the new movie that I am dying to see. So funny!! Here’s a little secret – after we took this picture, we pushed down on the top to make sure it was secure and broke the whole thing.


It was fun while it lasted.