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My Swimming Coaches!

January 22, 2015



I love my swimming coaches because they are fun and awesome. The guy on the left is named Matt and he is very funny. The guy on the right is an excellent swimmer and is 17. They are both excellent swimmers.

I go once a week and promised to put their picture on my blog. Here it is!  I can’t wait to tell them when I see them that this post is online.



Our Gingerbread Museum

December 15, 2014



We didn’t make a gingerbread house this year. Instead, we made a gingerbread museum!! It’s from Night at the Museum – the new movie that I am dying to see. So funny!! Here’s a little secret – after we took this picture, we pushed down on the top to make sure it was secure and broke the whole thing.


It was fun while it lasted.


I Did The Hour Of Code! Here’s My Certificate #HourOfCode

December 13, 2014



Did you do the Hour of Code? I did it this morning and it was so fun! I did the entire Frozen lesson. We signed up for an account – I want to learn how to code now! My mom and dad used to code when they were in college. It was their first jobs. They both worked for Accenture in NYC programming. SO COOL.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 7.28.42 AM


I love this. I got all the way to level 20 and then I got a certificate. FUN!